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Stone honeycomb composite panel what are the categories?
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Stone honeycomb composite plate and the aluminum plate: maximum surface honeycomb aluminum cover can go to 1500mmx4500mm, because the Board itself for composites, aluminum honeycomb within the Board itself under its own weight provides the assurance that makes the Board itself does not need to add any ribs, it is how to classify it, introduced below.


While ordinary aluminum sheet in widths greater than 1M or longer than 2m, they must join stiffener behind the plate. Stiffening ribs need to be welded on the back plate, because the thermal expansion coefficient of the stiffeners and plate itself is different, after several changes of hot and cold, rugged appears positive. And this is usually after half a year after the project began. Aluminum veneer belong to single-layer products, processing is relatively straightforward, styling ability, but poor accuracy; honeycomb panels for combination products, the processing speed and ability, but the precision is guaranteed.


Aluminum honeycomb boards is the cartridge cover systems, adhesive joints exposed and hidden plastic joints of two kinds of systems available, fully consider the effects of thermal expansion and contraction of the surface itself, the four directions of the surface can be freely, avoiding the effect of temperature stress on surface smoothness. Single layer of aluminum only adhesive joints exposed to the system, and install code for installation is fixed to the keel, suitable space to release temperature stress, resulting in surface prone to warping.


Stone honeycomb composite panel for composite plates, is light weight, high strength, good flatness, surface, easy installation, easy maintenance, environmental protection, good, reusable, anti-excellent expansion and contraction properties and so on. Aluminum sheet for ordinary non-composite plates, compared with honeycomb panels, do not have these advantages, but in comparison, cost 3MM thick aluminum sheet is generally lower than 25MM cellular 15~20%.


Because the weight and shape of reason, buildings used less to 4MM thick aluminum sheet, the thickness of the aluminum veneer cost with honeycomb products differ only in 5%. Above is the basic classification of stone composite honeycomb panel, perhaps we could hold.

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