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Stone honeycomb panels manufacturers tell you how stone honeycomb panel installation method?
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Stone honeycomb panel installation methods, described below. Stone honeycomb panel there are three General methods, mainly 1. lifting lugs, this installation method is the lifting lugs and honeycomb panels separated, lugs a separate processing connection with honeycomb plastic seam, adhesive seam width suitable for 12mm, this installation method makes the process simple and easy to install. 2. flanged type, this installation is machined aluminum honeycomb panel when processed with mounting flange, Setup in as little comfort to reset the connection and keel and glue joints, suitable for adhesive joint width for 10MM, this method is easy to install, but complex processing does not apply to style curtain wall panels. 3. the buckle, this node is aluminium-buckle, buckle for a specific profile, easy to install, but this method requires high panel machining accuracy and length is greater than 3000mm are not recommended over the plate. According to the width of a button, plate Raphe nuclei, such as 20mm and 40mm. Stone honeycomb panels manufacturers below to you the next stone honeycomb panel installation method, I hope you understand.


Stone honeycomb panels gluing and cleaning, aluminum honeycomb panel surface protection film folding parts RIP by 90 ° corner folding stick masking tape. Textured paper on "+" Word adhesive joints should be folded into a 90 ° angle, textured paper of the entire plate in place, firmly quashed, avoid textured paper folds, filling foam round beech requires dense straight.


Glue according to a straight line from top to bottom, from left to right, and once finished, squeegee gel principles should also be an end "+" Word interface guala slightly more slowly. Tear textured paper, outward tilt 45 ° pull, textured paper torn into trash, avoiding environmental pollution, weather-resistant glue to dry, which tore off the protective film when, surrounded by dust with a dry cloth.


Above is stone honeycomb panel installation and introduction, more interested in understanding.

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