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Stone honeycomb panel what are the basic function and principle?
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In today's world, promoting building energy-saving, green, intelligent direction, is practicing sustainable development concepts of the general trend in the construction industry, are also important tasks for China's economic and social development. In recent years, China has done a great deal of effort in building energy efficiency, including the development and implementation of strict building energy conservation design standard, promoting new wall material and energy-saving products. Stone honeycomb panel under the following basic roles and principle, and hope that everyone can understand.


In this context, ultra-thin stone composite honeycomb panel emerged. It is a new type of building material, has a better impact resistance than ordinary natural stone only 8~11 kg per square metre, is the normal weight of natural stone 1/7, 3~5 times the compressive strength is it, completely overcome the weight of large, fragile natural stone and other defects, provides a wider the more excellent performance and application of new building materials.


Ultra-thin stone composite honeycomb panel is simply about 3mm~5mm stone plate and aluminum honeycomb substrate by adhesive compound together, saving the stones reduce the weight of the finished product, stone effects can be better reflected in a number of the bearing has high requirements for buildings.


Once upon a China not regeneration of raw materials mining excessive, quality of stone vein gradually depletion, while building materials price of constantly rose, people also slowly awareness to not regeneration of resources of valuable, so market began appeared various different grass-roots of composite stone, has cheap stone, and tile and cellular aluminum Board,, purpose is save not regeneration of raw materials, while price also significantly declined, this zhiqian we just in indoor had beam, and pick eaves Xia using cellular aluminum Board composite stone, purpose is reduce weight, In large-area use of aluminum honeycomb composite stone curtain wall stone for the first time, is one of the few in the country.


As the population of a developing country, China faces the heavy task of developing the economy and improving people's livelihood, also facing the challenge of the restriction of resources and environment. Building a resource-conserving and environment-friendly society, is a strategic decision of the Chinese Government and Chinese people's common goal. Through our unremitting efforts for the sustained and healthy development of China's economy, in order to contribute to the global resource conservation and environmental protection.

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